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July 2009, Vol:2, Issue:2

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- Painting by Priyanka Lahiri

Born in 1980, Priyanka Lahiri finished not only her MVA degree from the Govt. College of Art & Craft, but also her P.G. Diploma in Art Appreciation, all in First Class. She has won, even at her young age, many awards and has participated in many shows. Priyanka is known for her contemporary works with a universal theme, commenting on the social milieu around her, normally represented through a female protagonist. They are poignant studies, blending beauty with a depth of philosophy.

Awards: Basanta Ganguly Award
2004 : Kishorilal Roy Award
2005 : Biman Bihari Das Scholarship
2006&2007 : Award form Chaya & Shree Cement 2005

The cover painting appears courtesy of Barnali Roy, Kolkata.