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- by Goutam Datta


When you came, I jumped off the roof
to breathe.
When you set foot on the road,
I was walking on water
& still, I was dog-thirsty.
Now, I donít know what to do
or should I do at this hour?
They have already announced
for my head, dead or alive.
Do you think I will be here tomorrow?
To taste your saliva,
to smell the river
between your mountains and valleys;
to hide inside you.
Do I still have time?
To talk,
to sit,
to breathe and to light a fire.


I see this today.
I taste this momentís earth, wind & water.
I stand on my two feet
& snuggle the freedom of my hands,
& see how our manmade borders, color of skins, and human castes
tossed away like the uprooted trees in this tornado of changes.
How do I convince you
that I am choked with flooded words rising
& burning in my head.
My eyes are salt- lakes,
bonfire grills my chest.
Let us walk on the fire, barefoot
you & me even only for this day.


Goutam Datta

Goutam is the author of five books of poems; Griho Judheyer Dolil ( Civil War ), 2008, Mukho Mukhee Dui Kobi (face to face two poets), 2005, Borofay Holood Fool (The Yellow Flower in the snow), 2004, Joddhyay Gjhumeeaya Achay(The Soldier is asleep), 2001. He is also the author of a play " Prothom Alo". He is the editor of African American poetry Anthology "Ami Amar Mritur Por Sadhinota Chai Na (I Do Not Want My Freedom When I Am Dead )". His works are included in " A Mingling of Waters", an anthology of Bengali and American authors. Goutam won Jassimuddin Poetry Award(India) in 2005 for Borofay Holood Fool. At present, Goutam is working on a webzine "Urhalpool" to create a continuous literary exchange between India & the USA.