Do Something

- by Lloyd Robson

avoiding the page, roydo
gets stoned &
scrubs machined circles on hob
peels onion gravy from housing
unclogs jet pores
polishes vitreous enamel surround
buffs brushed chrome
soaps pan support
& lifts curve debris
strips precise discs
of fallout

each ring sings a volume
each disc emits a tone
it is a song of
olympic rings
dadaist patterns
component soviet art
fuzzy ufo fotographs
saucers evacuating moonbase
the orbiting host
all but done for

& it satisfy he
to decarbonate mechanics
to eradicate punctuation
to rescue line & arc
to help hot nozzles flow
to ignite a fresh creation zone
to pay penitence in black & chrome
to find something for his soul
forgiveness & achievement
lurking the dirt
of domestic appliance
& survival’s flaws

roydo done something good for a change
cannot clean up his own act but
the stove can prove intent, in court
delay judgement til another day
keep the jury deliberating
a stay of execution
for one more meal, at most
it is an achievement, of sorts
tomorrow will benefit
this day was not
completely wasted
on roydo
but still
he cannot

Lloyd Robson

Poet, novelist, broadcaster, workshop tutor, freelance book designer/typesetter; International Projects Editor, Parthian (Wales); Contributing Editor, Rattapallax (USA). Awards and grants received include a Society of Authors/John Masefield Trust writer’s award; a Welsh Assembly Govt Commission for New Welsh Writing; Arts Council of Wales Buying Time and Published Writer’s Bursaries; Arts Council of Wales Visual Artist and Design Fund grants. Lloyd often works abroad and in recent years has worked in Australia, mainland Europe, India, Japan, Sierra Leone, USA, and Zimbabwe. He divides his time between Cardiff and New York and leads a creative writing project in Sömmerda, Germany, every July. Employers include Academi, British Council, Wales Arts International, Welsh Assembly Govt. Previous positions include Writer-in-Residence, University of Wales School of Art, Media & Design, Caerleon. He has written commissioned documentary scripts for BBC Wales TV and BBC Radio Four.