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- by Sanghita Sen

Falling snowflakes I held
At my palm.
Moistening my moments of happiness
They melt into memory.

Blowing winds I grasped
Into my fist.
Cooling down my anxiety
They flew into infinity.

Slipping sands I clasped
Under my feet.
Surprising my senses
They ran along the water
Into the Pacific.

Tick tack... tick tack... tick tack...
What’s that?
Smoke??? Fire???? Ash...

Showers of bombs from the sky.

z.. z.. z.. z..
Do you sleep?
I cannot.
Can they?

Thud clkkkkkkkkkkkk
Ah ..h..h..h
Carcass of dead drops all over
Peace workers make their way through Golgotha
Smoke, fire, ash and half-burnt flesh.

There was a village here, last year.

For Obama
You won this battle
But did we not?

He had a Dream
And you lived upto it.
You dreamt of change
So we did -
Ever since the history.

You reached a destination
And all of us
Unrepresented -
Coloured by skin
Coloured by rule
Stigmatized by unwilling invasion.

Misery was immense
Hence, the joy is boundless.
And we got emotional.
Though we were told
Less civilized are emotional.

I like being called less civilized -
My emotion is for your victory
That promises to end
AND war.

Long live the dream.